The Best of Bellevue Alabang! (2023 Staycation)

Bellevue Alabang is the best 5-star hotel in the south, setting the standard in luxurious hotel staycations in the Alabang Area. We celebrated my son Raphael’s birthday with a Bellevue stay, exploring the best dining and family experiences that Bellevue has to offer after the pandemic.

Kapampangan Chef Xerxes Narciso, also known as Chef X, is now the Executive Chef of Bellevue. Homare Japanese restaurant is now replaced by the beloved Hanakazu Japanese restaurant from the BF Area. Malaysian Chinese Chef Cheong Kwan Loong continues to head the Best Chinese Restaurant in Alabang.

Here are some tips to have an awesome Bellevue Staycation experience in Alabang.


📍North Bridgeway, Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Corporate Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Situated in Alabang right at the heart of its bustling business center.

You’ll find all you need here at The Bellevue Manila! Go on a gastronomic adventure with fantastic dining options and work on your wellness with the hotel’s state-of-the-art facilities such as the spa, gym, and swimming pool. With excellent service, spacious and comfortable rooms, and top-notch facilities and amenities, this five-star hotel in Alabang promises a delightful experience for its valued guests.

📞: +632 8771-8181
♾️: The Bellevue Manila
IG: @bellevuemanila

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The Bellevue Hotel has two wings—the main wing and the newer tower wing.

Make sure to stay in the tower wing area where the restaurants and access to the signature floors and the Vue Bar deck are located.


We stayed in the signature suite room with a luxuriously spacious master bedroom.

Yes, you have a massage bed in the comfort of your suite, including an office table area.

The comfort room is quite spacious, with a separate toilet and bath, two bathroom sinks and a marble bath tub in the middle, like your own mini pool inside the room.

The living room and dining room is comfortable for a family of 6.

Loved the Bellevue Welcome amenities, with greetings for the birthday boy.



There are two pools located on each wing, but we prefer the tower wing pool on the 3rd floor. The water is cold so best to swim during the day.

You can claim the welcome drink in the pool area—a can of soda or juice from the pool bar.


VUE BAR MENU: Alcoholic Beverages | Non-Alcoholic Beverages | Pub Grub | Soup-ERB, Partaking Plates | Burgers and Sliders, Pasta Pleasure | Thin Crust Pizza, Dessert

You can also claim a cold draft beer at Vue Bar located at the 22nd floor for your welcome drink.

The Vue Bar was packed with its passionate ball dancing crowd and expatriate community.


AZUREA SPA Menu: Spa Services, Azurea Journeys, Azurea Retreats | Facial, Foot, Body Scrub, Bath Rituals, New Treatments

Azurea Spa is always busy so make sure to book your appointment early. There is a couple massage room with its own bath tub for a romantic relaxation with your loved one.

Traditional Philippine Massage (Hilot – 1.5 hours) – ₱1,800

Was pleasantly surprised that the Hilot massage was quite good and relaxing.

We still prefer an in-room massage late at night on our own massage bed so we can enjoy it privately.


Hanakazu, founded on the belief that “Food is Love” by the late Chef Hiroaki Otsuka, is known for this quaint Japanese restaurant in BF named after his two daughters Hana and Kazi. Chef Otsuka’s wife, known as Mama Lorna together with eldest son Chef Yoshi, now runs the restaurant that relocated in Bellevue Alabang during the pandemic.

HANAKAZU MENU: The Legacy of Chef Otsura, Appetizer | Makimono, Salad, Sashimi | Sushi, Beef, Chicken | Pork, Fish, Rice, Danbury | Ramen, Udon/Soba, Tempura & Agemeno | Drinks

The restaurant still provides a homey vibe, a tribute to Chef Otsuka’s legacy.

IG: @hanakazujapresto

SASHIMI MIX (Regular – ₱2,100, Special – ₱3,100)

This a great place to enjoy good quality sashimi in the Alabang area.


This is a favorite appetizer—crisp fried shrimps to be eaten like fries with a dash of calamansi.

HAMACHI KABUTOYAKI (Jumbo ₱1,800, Regular ₱1,600)

We also enjoyed the grilled hamachi jaw head with juicy sweet meat. Sarap to the bones.


They also serve traditional ramen that does not have the bold modern flavors and thick broth.


The kids loved the steak cubes served on a sizzling plate with vegetables and crisp garlic. Sarap papakin.

The family aims to honor Chef Otsuka’s legacy of good quality Japanese restaurant for Filipinos without losing its authentic flavors. You can still taste their love story in their dishes.


Still our favorite Chinese restaurant in the south where you can satisfy your Chinese cravings.

PHOENIX COURT MENU: Dimsum, Soup, Beef and Pork, Chicken and Duck, Beancurd and Vegetables, Seafood, Rice and Noodle, Dessert

The restaurant is busy on weekends. Best to reserve the private rooms for your family for a more intimate lauriat.


We always enjoy the Peking duck and you can request for a half duck good for a family of 6.

We prefer to have it served 2-way, with duck meat and skin wrapped with hoisin sauce and the minced duck meat in lettuce bowls.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling Hakao (₱250), Steamed Barbecue Pork Siopao (₱198), Steamed Chicken Feet (₱190)

Dimsum is always on point—good meat, flavors. The kind of Chinese dimsum we crave for.

Sweet and Sour Pork (₱520).

The kids’ all time favorite so we always go for this. Crisp and sarap ng lasa.

Deep-fried Tiger Prawn Ball Salted Egg Yolk (₱1,350)

The fried prawn with salted egg yolk breading was a hit and really good with the fried rice.

Deep-Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper (₱660)

The pork ribs were not oily and you can taste the flavor in the crisp meat. Best to put vinegar.

This is still the Best Chinese restaurant in the south and a great place to celebrate milestones and occasions with a lauriat with the family.


BEST OF BELLEVUE Sundays Lunch Buffet (11:30am to 2:00pm)

Cafe d’ Rise is Bellevue’s international buffet restaurant located in the main wing where the buffet breakfast is served. For the whole month of Lent, they are featuring all the chefs of Bellevue and their specialty dishes in their buffet.

CHEF X – Xerxes Narciso
The Bellevue Manila Executive Chef

Chef X is the rising Kapampangan Chef who is now making the food yummier at Bellevue’s buffet restaurant and banquet outlets. Met him last at Sheraton Manila. He deserves getting promoted to executive chef at Bellevue.

We loved his food at the Best of Bellevue Sunday Buffet.

Smoked Lamb Riblet Adobo with Crisp Egg

Loved his signature dish with a smoky adobo flavor and crispy egg texture to balance the rich adobo sauce.

Osso Buco

The osso buco was also flavorful with the meat cut into cubes and served on a bed of rich tomato sauce.

Chef Bam – Robert Guevarra
B-Hotel Alabang Executive Sous Chef

Chef Bam now runs the kitchen of Bellevue’s sister hotel, B-Hotel Alabang.

Chef Bam’s Signature Homemade Corned Beef

His signature corned beef had a pinkish finish, sliced buffet side and very tender.

Pork Dinakdakan

The pork dinakdakan was surprisingly good, a good alternative for your sisig cravings.

Chef Vince Odejar
B Hotel Quezon City Executive Sous Chef

Chef Vince runs the kitchen of B Hotel Quezon City and offers his specialty in the buffet.

We loved the home-made ice cream and selection of Talley’s flavors for dessert.

Yugi loved his Gummi bears for dessert.

Congratulations to Chef X and team for innovating and making the food at Bellevue better each time we visit. We can’t wait for what’s next at Bellevue’s Sunday Buffet at Cafe d’Aise.


Congratulations to Bellevue Alabang for a memorable staycation celebration on Raphael’s birthday! The suite room on their signature floor, with a connecting room good for a big family of 6, was a great place for milestone celebrations. The room smelled fresh, well maintained and felt like your own southern home in Alabang. Loved the 18th – 22nd floor vantage view of Alabang.

Make sure to book a private lauriat room at Phoenix Court and reserve your table at Hanakazu for your Japanese cravings. The buffet food and Sunday Brunch at Cafe d’ Aise are getting better with Chef X at the helm. The Hilot massage at Azurea spa is highly recommended. Take advantage of your welcome beer at the Vue Bar when you arrive.

(Note: The executive lounge was not yet open during our stay and the hotel exteriors were a bit dirty from the outside but it was clean inside.)

Thank you to Chef X and the hospitality team of Bellevue Alabang!

📍North Bridgeway, Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest Corporate Alabang, Muntinlupa City
📞: +632 8771-8181
♾️: The Bellevue Manila
IG: @bellevuemanila

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thank you to our friends from Bellevue for the awesome staycation. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. You can attend mass at The Feast Alabang led by Bro. Arun Gogna in the Ballroom with the first session at 8:00am and the second at 11:00am.

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