Terraza Martinez // Best Spanish-Mediterranean Resto in Manila by Valencian Chef Luis Martinez

Terraza Martinez by the Nikkei group is one the best Spanish-Mediterranean restaurants in Manila. From Spain to Siargao to Shangrila BGC, Valencian Chef Luis Martinez serves Authentic Spanish dishes malinamnam-style with seasonal seafood air-flown from Spain feat. Valencian-style Paella in a Siargao Island-inspired ambiance.

Here’s what we recommend at Terraza Martinez.


Terraza Martinez features Spanish soul food with the Filipino palate in mind. It is located in the former location of FOO’D by Davide Oldani in Shangri-la BGC.

Terraza Martinez
Spanish-Mediterranean Cuisine by Chef Luis Martinez
📍G/F, Shangri-la, The Arcade, 5th Ave, BGC, Taguig
⏰ Open Everyday 11:00am to 12:00mn
📱 +63 966 700 5801 / +63 945 409 8120
FB: Terraza Martinez
IG: @terraza.martinez

The ambiance gives an island vibe, an escape from the daily grind of BGC. It showcases an open kitchen, which can be smoky at times.

There’s no function room so best to reserve the corner tables or the chef’s table near the open kitchen.

They have a wide selection of tapas and cocktails before the main paella and meat dish.

terraza martinez menu
· Tapas Frias / Cold Appetizers | Tapas Calientes / Hot Appetizers
· Tapas Calientes / Hot Appetizers | Mains – Pescados / Fish & Seafood
· Mains – Carnes / Meats | Paellas
· Desserts, Drinks, Craft Cocktails
· Classic Cocktails, Spirits, Wines
· Happy Hour
· Chefs Specials of the Week


The complimentary bread was crispy and airy, went well with the tapas served with tomato salsa.

🐄 Carpaccio de Ternera Angus (₱750)
US Angus Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio
EVOO, old style mustard, parmesan cheese, arugula, dill, and balsamic glaze
🐠 Tiradito de Snapper (₱750)
Cured Snapper
EVOO, red onion, grated fresh tomato, fried capers, and lime zest, signature rosemary crackers

I don’t usually like raw meat, but the combination of the sauces with fresh lime squeeze on small rosemary crackers made this one of Chef Luis’s signature appetizers. It was something light and tasty, teasing your appetite. Good to share too.

🍷 Cherry Fizz (₱595)
Belvedere Premium Vodka, Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur, Lemon, Ginger Shrub, Soda Water, Lemon, Cranberries, Mint
🍷 Terraza Spritz (₱495)
Bulldog Gin, Yuzu, Simple Syrup, Cinzano Prosecco

The ambiance and the tapas put you in the mood for alcoholic fizzy drinks to start.

🐷Terraza Manitas de Cerdo (₱595)
Terraza Pork Pata “Callos” style
Esguerra Farms Kurobuta pork pata, spicy chorizo and 63C poached egg

A lot of pork flavors in the dense sauce served with big portions of kurobuta pork. You can use the complimentary bread to dip in the sauce and top with the pork pata bits.

🍝 Ravioli de Marisco (₱320)
Seafood Ravioli (1 pc)
Stuffed with prawns, crab meat, roasted vegetables, cream cheese, prawn bisque
🌶 Piquillo Relleno de Bacalao y Gambas (₱295)
Stuffed Piquillo Pepper with Bacalao and Shrimp
Spanish pepper, bacalao, shrimp, garlic confit, black olive powder, parmesan cheese, toasted garlic bread served with piquillo sauce

The stuffed ravioli and piquillo pepper came highly recommended. The sauce was cheesy rich. Loved the ravioli’s seafood stuffing—a rich prawn bisque. The piquillo relleno had a bit of spice. Something different that you don’t usually find in a Spanish resto.

🐖 Rabo de Cerdo Fritos (₱350)
Fried Pork Tail
Esguerra Farms Kurobuta pork tail, lemon wedge

Loved these fried pork tail bits with the bone in the middle and meat around each piece. One of the best pulutan dishes in Spain, this version tasted good because of the kurobuta from Esguerra farms.

🐡Bombas de Salmon Curado y Trufa (₱650)
Cured Salmon and Truffle Bombs (4 pcs.)
Profiteroles filled with truffle cheese sauce, cured salmon, honey Spanish paprika
🍣 Vieiras a la Plancha (₱520)
Seared Scallops (80gr)
Scallops, butter, garlic, parsley, lemon juice

Sometimes you just like the usual tapas salmon a la bomba or just simple seared scallops.


🐄 Paella de Vaca (₱1,650)
US Hanging Tender and Bone Marrow Paella
US Hanging Tender, bomb rice, wild mushroom, fresh artichokes, bone marrow

Valencian style paella using Bomba rice with lots of caramelized layer or soccarat in the bottom and the meat and bone marrow served on top. This is the signature paella of Chef Luis.

Chef Luis served it by squeezing the lemon on the rice without the toppings and topping with meat and some bone marrow.

Next time, I’ll just mix the bone marrow with the paella and cut the meat into pieces to enjoy the combination.

🦞 Fideua NEgra de Cigalas y Ajos (₱1,950)
Black Fideus & Norwegian Lobster
Black noodle paella, Norwegian lobster and spring onion

This noodle-based (Fideua) paella with squid bits and black ink with umami from the lobster was actually the best. It’s seasonal though—only when they have a Norwegian lobster available. It had caramelization like a paella and its sauce was reduced for maximum flavor.

🐄 Presa Iberica de Cerdo (₱1,150)
Iberico Loin
Seared Iberia pork presa, truffle mashed potato, caramelized shallots and wild mushrooms, demi-glace sauce

Just the right amount of steak with seared thinly sliced pork iberico on a bed of truffle mashed potato with sweetness from caramelized onions and mushroom bits. Went well with the paella.

🐟 Bacalao Confitado (₱1,150)
Spanish Style Cod Confit
Bacalao with garlic confit and chili flakes, mashed potato emulsion, French green beans, crispy Jamon iberico flakes

This Bacalao was flown fresh from Spain, served seared on one side and still juicy inside. Best to eat with a bit of the mashed potato and the Jamon iberico and bits of green beans. Yum!


🍰 Crujiente de Manzana (₱450)
Our lightest Apple Crumble
Filo pastry, green apple, apricot, raisins, streusel, cinnamon ice cream, caramel syrup

Loved the light crisp cup that easily crumbled. Topped with cinnamon ice cream mixed with a bit of caramel and apple crumble bits. Sarap. 🙂

🍰Churros con Chocolate (₱320)
Spanish Fried Churros with Chocolate Sauce
Churros, cinnamon sugar, hot chocolate sauce

You can also end with the usual crisp churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce.


Overall, this is our favorite Spanish Restaurant of the moment. It’s different from other Spanish restos in Manila because of its Siargao island vibe and Valencian soul food specialties.

Make sure to order the Fideua Negra de Cigalas y Ajos Paella and the Carpaccio de Ternera Angus when available in the Chef Specials menu. The Paella de Vaca paired with the Presa Iberica de Cerdo was one of the highlights of our meal at Terraza Martinez. The Kurobuto Pork from Esquerra Farms was featured in the Terraza Manitas de Cerdo and Rabo de Cerdo Fritos. Consider also the dishes with ingredients like Bacalao and the other seafood items flown fresh from Spain. End with the light apple pie ala mode, Crujiente de Manzana. Budget about ₱1,800/head.

Congratulations to Chef Luis Martinez and the Nikkei Group for the awesome Spanish concept!

Terraza Martinez
Spanish-Mediterranean Cuisine by Chef Luis Martinez
📍G/F, Shangri-la, The Arcade, 5th Ave, BGC, Taguig
⏰ Open Everyday 11:00am to 12:00mn
📱 +63 966 700 5801 / +63 945 409 8120
FB: Terraza Martinez
IG: @terraza.martinez

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Thank you to our friends from Terraza Martinez for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Can’t wait to try Chef Luis’s Alma restaurant when it reopens in Siargao.

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